Welcome to your first lesson in the Sajem Tan graded reader! Hover over the green words to learn the meaning; the first time a word appears in the reader, it is green. Be careful: sometimes two or more separate items will be connected and look like one word.

Ţycamnoc ţycamnoc: reading, that which is read

Do do: you (neutral) xanönxanön: to greet: perfective aspect möm möm: tribe! Sajemsajem: common, communal Tan tan: honey, language, vomit jüvetjüvet: to state a name, to denominate, to be calledumum: gnomic aspect möm. Xüm xüm: many, much, very möšnemmöšnem: tribememberââ: plural markersoso: haver, that which has, having one zanzan: to beum möm. Tözen tözen: fog, mist jüvetum : I (neutral).

By now, you might have noticed something: namely, that word order in Sajem Tan is the exact opposite as in English. So, while you would say "the tribe greets you" in English, you would say "do xanönfê möm" in Sajem Tan, literally "you greets the tribe".

You may also have picked up on some important phrases and constructions. Since hovering over the words cannot teach these to you, I will point them out here:

You will get fewer and fewer of these hints and explanations in English as the course goes by, but it's quite easy to figure out. If you have problems, feel free to contact a tribemember!