This page is mostly just a list of websites, books, etc. that I wanted to keep in one place, mainly dealing with languages, folklore, and mythology, with some other things perhaps. The resources are not arranged by quality, but personal favorites are marked with a personal favorite star.

Also, I would like to note that these are just things I've used or wanted to use, or books and translations I own. These are not meant to be the best of what's to be found, and I haven't read them all in their entirety yet.

  • book - Book
  • youtube channel - Youtube channel
  • blog - Blog
  • Irish - Irish; Old Irish
  • Welsh - Welsh; Old Welsh
  • Cornish - Cornish
  • Old English - Old English; Anglo-Saxon
  • Norse - Norse; Nordic
  • Icelandic - Icelandic; Old Icelandic
  • personal favorite - Personal favorite




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