Flag of Christian Conlangers

This is a flag I designed for Christian conlangers. I dislike that the most popular conlang flag has the Tower of Babel on it, so I made this. The saltire represents the four rivers flowing from the Garden of Eden, which is the place where God gave Adam the authority to name the animals. This may be thought of as the earliest conlang. The green also represents the Garden of Eden as well as viriditas ("greenness"), a concept in the spirituality of Saint Hildegard of Bingen, regarded as an unofficial patron saint of Conlangers. The purple triangles on the side represent Christ, as purple is a common color representing Christ. It is also to be found on the current conlang flag. The triangular orientation recalls the Gnoli triangle, which can be used as a symbol for conlangers who do not want to use the conlang flag. I dub this flag "The Flag of Christian Conlangers" or "The Cross of Saint Hildegard".